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The more you know about your customer, the better marketing decisions you can make. Cipher Research is dedicated to creating actionable insights for clients to assess and create business opportunities.  We have expertise in the emerging growth areas of digital, social and mobile media.  These three areas are fast changing and emerging as increasingly consumers embrace new way to connect with and make decisions on brands.

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How Canadians Use Their Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are playing an increasingly large role in Canadian media and entertainment regiments.   Media consumption is being driven by smart phones and content designed for mobile with utility and amusement applications, such as weather, news, social networking and business, driving usage.  So what are the implications?  Opportunity.   Carriers, media companies and advertisers are tapping the potential of Smartphones and their applications to drive consumer engagement and satisfaction.


  • Half of smartphones users have owned a Smartphone for less than 1 year – 50%.
  • One third of overall users consider themselves novice users
  • Blackberry dominates the Smartphone brands with no clear second in the rest of the pack of brand surveyed including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Palm
  • iPhone users have both the highest incidence of multi-uses for their smart phones and the highest satisfaction rates with their smartphones
  • Blackberry 91% and iPhone 97%  have the highest recommendation ratings by their users
  • Smartphone users who adopt multiple applications are more satisfied with their phones at 45
  • Facebook 36%, Weather Network 26% and Google 13% have the highest incidence of usage
  • 23% of Smartphone users receive automatic news and information updates on their Smartphones
  • About 30% of Smartphone users are either somewhat or likely to switch Smartphones
  • Over ¼ of respondents have more than 200 social media friends