Mobile Application Marketing

Currently, there are millions of applications in the iPhone App Store and that number is growing every day.  With tens of thousands of App publishers looking for shelf space, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate your App from thousands of others.

App developers need an effective approach to cut through the noise and raise awareness surrounding an Apps launch and distribution. That’s why we’ve created App-Promo, a division of Cipher New Media. We specialize in working with developers, brand and their agencies to plan and execute marketing strategies that will maximize the visibility of your App.

Our team has experience marketing mobile applications across every carrier, smart phone platform and website.  Find out more about our solutions for brands, agencies, developers and App stores.

Our Services

Public Relations

We develop and execute strategic plans, message development and media relations programs to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage.

Mobile Advertising
Mobile advertising provides you with targeted scale, and we will help you develop a plan and measure the results.

Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing
We will analyze your Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing and recommend high ROI producing search engine optimization campaigns.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing provides you with the ability to engage in a two-way interaction with consumers and build your database.

Social Media Marketing

Our targeted social media pr, marketing and promotion outreach will help your business control, protect and grow the visibility of your app.
Online Video

We can help you grow your business by working with you to develop and/or execute smart video promotion campaigns across the web.

Media Buying & Planning

We work with our customers to devise media plans based on their goals and key targeting ideals including contextual and demographic information when available.

Collateral Development

We work with you to create fresh, innovative and inspirational collateral pieces that audiences can relate to and appreciate.