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The BlackBerry Super Apps Developer Challenge is now open!

Posted: by admin on May 18th, 2010 | 261 Comments »

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The BlackBerry Partners Fund has launched the third annual BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge. This year the focus is on Super Apps.

BlackBerry is offering over $1.5 million in prizes that will help build success for your app!

There are a wide range of prizes, available to be won at all levels. The first 400 selected will win testing services and a BlackBerry smartphone. Category Winners and Finalists can win an app promotion provided by App-Promo, a division of Cipher New Media. There are feature placements on BlackBerry App World and RIM marketing program prizes to be won as well!

Global submission deadline is September 6, 2010.

Learn more about Super Apps

Study: Mobile Ad Budgets On The Rise, Clients Find Branded Apps Most Exciting

Posted: by admin on May 11th, 2010 | 51 Comments »

Categorized: Mobile apps, app promotion, branded apps, mobile advertising

Spurred by interest in formats like branded apps and mobile video, 82% of brands, agencies and other companies plan to boost mobile ad budgets in the next 12 months, according to a new study by MediaPost’s Center For Media Research and digital research firm InsightExpress. Read more..

Best Practices for Promoting Mobile Apps

Posted: by admin on April 18th, 2010 | 84 Comments »

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The App-Promo team has experience promoting a wide range of mobile apps including games, social, utility, music and media. Below are some of our best practices:

1. Consider older handset models but also target new ones. Take advantage of the PR benefits of being the first to support a new handset in your app’s category.

2. Style is important. Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things. Just because you can add certain design elements doesn’t mean you should.

3. Make it viral. Include a send-to-a-friend/Facebook Connect. Enthusiasts will help to spread the word about your app.

4. Spend time on your submission. Provide snappy descriptions that zero in on the key selling points of your app. Be thoughtful about your messaging and keywords as they will help you get found.

5. Screenshots are important. Focus on the key features of an app and show them off.

6. Consider multiple distribution channels. Depending on the type of app, you will want to explore GetJar, MobiHand, and Handango among others.

7. Invest in your launch. Marketing and promotion of your app the first few weeks around your launch is critical to build awareness and drive downloads of your app. PR, mobile advertising and social media have proven to be effective channels.

8. Continue to invest in the promotion of your app. Ongoing marketing and promotion campaigns are essential to building your visibility and downloads.

9. Develop a PR campaign for new apps and updates. Successful tactics include press releases, blogger outreach, forum postings and directory listings. News stories can create a big spike in downloads.

10. Analytics are important. Analytics are key to understanding your users including what features they are using and what messages and channels they are responding to.