Canadian Smart Phone Monitor

50% of first-ever Canadian Smart Phone Monitor respondents have owned a Smartphone less than 1 year

TORONTO (September 21, 2009) — The Canadian Smartphone Monitor released today by Cipher New Media revealed that half of the 2000 respondents have owned a smartphone for less than 1 year. Smartphones are mobile phones that provide e-mail, and internet access, the ability to download audio, photography functionality combined with multiple applications such as weather, news and social media information.

“The use of mobile devices in Canada is rapidly evolving. They are not longer just a telephone or email tool but are quickly becoming the multi-source mobile companion that provides up to date news, weather, entertainment, transactions and social media information,” said Gary Yentin, CEO of Cipher New Media. “This research study is the first of its kind in Canada and will track the latest trends and usage patterns of this fast growing technology,” he added.

“Right now the market can be characterized by smart, smarter and smartest phones. It will be interesting to see how smartphone behaviour evolves as more and more people move to these powerful mobile devises,” said Yentin.

Key Highlights:

• One third of overall users consider themselves novices; however only 6 percent users under the age of 24 consider themselves novices.
• Users are eager to explore new functions and types of smartphones. Blackberry dominates the Smartphone brands with no clear second in the rest of the pack of brand surveyed including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Palm
• iPhones users have both the highest incidence of multi-uses for their smart phones and the highest satisfaction rates with their smartphones
• Smartphone users who adopt multiple applications are more satisfied with their phones at 45%
• 23% of Smartphone users receive automatic news and information updates on their Smartphones
• 30% of Smartphone users are either somewhat or likely to switch Smartphones as new and interesting options come available and pricing is addressed.
• The Globe and Mail is the first choice as the mobile site for business news/information by a wide margin.

“What this study reveals is that while Blackberry and iPhone users are more satisfied with their Smartphones that other brands, most smartphone users are relatively new and are more likely to switch to another smartphone brand as increased functionality comes on board and pricing options become available,” said Yentin.

The Canadian Smartphone Monitor will be conducted by Cipher New Media bi-annually to track mobile media usage and the introduction of new mobile platforms and functionality in order to provide accurate measurement of the expanding role mobile telephones play in the daily lives of Canadians. The study provides opinions taken from a sample of 2000 respondents in an online panel balanced demographically and geographically in both English and French.

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