Did you know that it takes 2,500 downloads a day to break the top 100 in a popular category in the Apple App Store? With over 65,000 Apps in the store and counting, it has become increasingly difficult todifferentiate your App from thousands of others. Mobile App developers need a cost-effective way to cutthrough the noise and raise awareness surrounding an Apps launch and distribution. That’s why we’ve created App-Promo, a division of Cipher Mobile Media. We specialize in working with developers, brands and agencies to develop and execute marketing strategies that will maximize the visibility of your Apps.

We have helped iPhone App developers promote their Apps worldwide. While the quality of the App is the ultimate driver of success, marketing and promotional activities can help drive downloads of your application. A combination of activities including PR, cross-promotion, social networking and advertising can help your App get ranked and gain the visibility it needs in the App store to be a huge success.

The appeal of the App, the effectiveness of the landing page, user reviews and promotional offers all contribute to the users willingness to download an App. Consumers are much more likely to download a free App than to purchae a paid App so many publishers offer a free “lite version” of their App in combination with a ”pro version” of the App. Promoting the free App is a great way to drive low cost customer acquisition and brand awareness. It also provides you with a customer base to upsell the premium version of the App

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